Damaj are a straight up Thrash band from Scotland having formed in 2013. The band is currently in the process of releasing its first E.P. and recently headlined a festival in Spain.


Formed in November 2011, Entropy is the band featuring Kaine guitarist Saxon Davids. The band combines traditional British Heavy Metal with elements of Thrash and European Power Metal. The original line up released the popular “Face Your Creation” single in 2013 and the band is currently working on the “Seeds of War” E.P. which will be released through Revival Metal Records.


Kaine was formed in 2009 by Rage Sadler and Dan Mailer and has since become a leading force in the British Metal Revival movement (sometimes refereed to as NWOBHM Revival) the band has played over 100 shows across Britain and Ireland and has featured on two extensive tours. Kaine has also supported some of the biggest and best acts past and present and is currently promoting their album “The Waystone” which has sold out twice since it’s August 2014 release.


Kill The Freak is a three piece Death Metal band from Chelmsford, Essex – combining brutal vocals, heavy guitars, thunderous bass and fast paced drums.


Poisoner is an upcoming Thrash Metal band from Denmark originally formed in 2011 by guitarist and vocalist Lauritz Andersen.  Influenced by the American Bay Area Thrash Metal movement and the Teutonic Thrash Metal movement from Germany the band is currently recording their debut E.P. which will be released through Revival Metal Records.  The bands 2014 demo featured Kaine/Cyrenic bassist Dan Mailer.

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