Quality of Rage: April Blog [New Album!]


12472432_1567665800228861_5251457362604751334_nA lot of people have been asking us of late where we are with the new album. At the moment we are still effectively writing it, and are taking our time over the process. Basically the way we are working this time is one of us is coming up with the idea for a song before sending it over to the other band members. We learn the song at home and come together to jam it in rehearsals where we make any necessary changes. We will do this until we are comfortable with it, we then “road test” it by playing it live before going back into the rehearsal rooms for a final run through. We then record the demo which will be used as the “ghost track” for when we come to record the song for the album. They may get changed further before we head into the studio…

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Death Metallers Kill The Freak Join Revival Metal


U.K. based Death Metallers Kill The Freak have joined the Revival Metal Roster. Kill The Freak are the first Death Metal band to join the label, being influenced by such acts as Slayer the band is one of the most brutal and tightest upcoming acts on the Essex music scene.

Revival Metal Records said: “They have become an incredibly good live act, have worked hard on their craft and image and have the right attitude so we are more than happy to work with them going forward. Their hard work has really paid off given they have grown an enthusiastic local following who support the band.”

Kill the Freak added: “We are happy to announce we are now signed to Revival Metal Records! Today we were approached by Rage Sadler of Kaine, and were offered a slot on his label. This means more gig opportunities and more songs for you guys to hear. We are so excited for what’s next to come and we hope you guys are too! Keep supporting Death Metal.”


Kaine: 3 Nominations at TBFM Awards

tbfm awards

Kaine have been nominated for a number of categories for this year’s TBFM Awards. Rage Sadler has been nominated for the best singer award while the band has been nominated for Best British Band for 2015 and their performance at Wildfire Festival in Scotland earlier this year.

Also nominated was Wildfire Festival as best Independent Festival for 2015 and Dean Archer for his work at the Rock Den as best Independent Promoter, Kaine of course a regular band at his venue and will be the resident band there for 2016.

Kaine asks that you vote for the following nominations in the following categories;

Best British Band 2015: Kaine
Best Performance in 2015: Kaine at Wildfire Festival 2015
Best Singer: Rage Sadler
Best Independent Promoter: Dean Archer (The Rock Den)
Best Independent Festival: Wildfire Festival 2015

The voting begins this Thursday at 6pm and will close on the 3rd of December. You will be able to vote at the following link.

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NWOBHM: Year One


Punk Rock was the best thing that ever happened to Heavy Metal. Like the comet that struck the earth killed off the dinosaurs, Punk’s impact destroyed the status quo and wiped the slate clean for rock music to reinvent itself. Punk slayed the arena gods of the 70’s, and demanded that you didn’t have to be a musical genius to express yourself musically; anyone could form a band, and everyone should form a band.

Ultimately, Punk rock’s success doomed it to failure, as it eventually assimilated into the very thing it was programmed to destroy: the mainstream. Of course, during Punk’s brief reign, the Metalheads were still out there, both fans and bands, biding their time, awaiting their moment. Punk didn’t kill Heavy Metal; it just drove it underground. In one such underground haven, a hall called The Bandwagon, Metal had found a place to weather the Punk rock storm…

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Kaine begins endorsement deal with Rotosound

Dan Mailer - Freelance Session Bassist


As a bass player, it doesn’t get better than the premier string brand Rotosound. Featuring such artists as Praying Mantis and Iron Maiden, you know you’re in good company. And my band Kaine has now been added to the list.

For me this really is something huge. I’ve been using Rotosound’s “Swing Bass” series for 5 years without a single issue. No string breaks, no dead strings, just fantastic tone. I wouldn’t be saying this if it weren’t true. I have been talking about the virtues of Rotosound’s bass strings for a long time to fellow bassists and it feels truly natural to be entering into business relations with the company. I have tried and tested plenty of other strings and I have never been quite as satisfied with other brands in terms of tone and playability as I am with Rotosound.

What do we get out of this? We…

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Kaine now officially endorsed by Rotosound



Kaine are pleased to announce that they are now officially endorsed by Rotosound and are joining their Artist Roster alongside such names as Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), Dennis Stratton (ex-Iron Maiden & Praying Mantis), Armoured Saint, British Lion, Iron Maiden, Praying Mantis, Queen, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Wolfsbane, Wishbone Ash, James LoMenzo (ex-Megadeth) and many more.

Dan Mailer, Bassist for Kaine said: “I am incredibly pleased and proud that Kaine is now working with Rotosound. On a personal level this is a huge achievement, and the list of fellow artists is astounding. I have been using their ‘swing bass’ strings exclusively for 5 years, and I have never made use of a brand so reliable and professional sounding in my bass playing career. Here’s to a long and productive relationship with Rotosound!”

Rage Sadler, Guitarist added: “It’s a big achievement for Kaine to be a Rotosound artist. This follows our successful endorsement…

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Kaine team up with Marky Mark Young Design



Kaine have teamed up with Marky Mark Young Design to provide professional quality poster and promotional designs for the bands headline shows across the country. Marky Mark Young Design has already provided posters for the bands recent successful headline gigs at both the Soundhouse, Colchester and the B2 in Norwich.


Rage Sadler commented: “As we move forward we want to be shown in the most professional light possible, and our poster designs should ideally reflect the quality of the band. We aim to give audiences the very best performance at our shows and the promotional art should reflect this. We were so impressed with Mark’s work on the poster upcoming Harwich gig and the poster he did for the Colchester show we decided to use him exclusively for all our posters and promotional material from this point forward.”

Mark Young added: “I’m excited to work with the awesome Kaine, creating posters…

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